Our Story

Argyle Diamond Investments PTY LTD is owned and operated by the Leonards family and trades as a tangible asset wholesale business. ADI are not diamond brokers or resellers, they are as close to the source as humanly possible with an inventory second to only the Argyle diamond mine itself.

Leonards Jewellers have been operating from the same location for over 80 years. But our jewellery origin began back in 1812 in Paris France where my great-great grandfather, was a prominent jewellery craftsman until he relocated his family in 1854 to Piccadilly London and opened Tessiers Jewellers (where they are still to this day). In 1932 my grandmother relocated to the largest industrial city in Australia, the town of Newcastle and Leonards Jewellers opened. Today in addition to our extensive range of handcrafted engagement and wedding rings, we are Australia’s largest wholesale / retail supplier of beyond rare Argyle Pink Diamonds.